On this page i shall talk about my struggles with my anxiety/agoraphobia issues. If anyone finds help in knowing another person is as nuts as them... then it will be worth the time.
I have also added a link to my artwork posts, all tagged with MyArt if anyone wants to check them out.


Well it is 1am on the 1st Jan 2013

So happy new year peeps and pervs.

This last year has been kind of hellish. After the 2 month stay in the hospital I have a real chance of beating this agoraphobia, and by mid year I am aiming to be back among the living. Things have been put in motion and it is only me who can maintain the momentum.

So, those of you who have your own battles ongoing, I wish you the very best of intentions and heartfelt hopes that the new year brings you the serenity and change you desire.

Live free. Stay upright. Be well.

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